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Creating Sweet Dreams: A Personalized Bedtime Journey for Your Little Ones

a book by ME!


Hello fellow parents!

As the author of "Time for Bed, Knucklehead: Build-Your-Own Bedtime Book," I am thrilled to share with you how this special book can transformed bedtime routines for all families, including my own. Being a parent of two small children myself, I understand the challenges we face at night, trying to get our little ones to settle down for a restful sleep. That's why I wrote this book – to help parents solidify their kids' bedtime routines and make evenings more enjoyable for both kids and grown-ups alike.

A Sleepy Solution:

As parents, we often find ourselves searching for creative solutions to make bedtime smoother and more enjoyable. My "Build-Your-Own Bedtime Book" offers a unique approach to bedtime routines that has worked wonders. This book is not your typical children's story; it's a tool that allows you to create a personalized bedtime routine for your kids.

How It Works:

In "Time for Bed, Knucklehead," parents have the opportunity to design the ideal nighttime routine for their children. This means setting up a sequence of calming and enjoyable activities that will help your little ones wind down before sleep. From brushing teeth to reading a bedtime story, the possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your child's preferences.

The best part? As you go through the routine with your kids, you capture each step with pictures. These snapshots not only create a personalized bedtime story but also serve as a fun and creative way to involve your children in their own nighttime journey.

Making It Personal:

I believe that the magic of bedtime lies in its personalization. As parents, we know our children best, and we can cater the bedtime routine to suit their unique interests and needs. The book allows you to weave creativity and imagination into each page, making the experience truly special and memorable.

Creating Lasting Memories:

As an author and a parent, I understand the importance of creating lasting memories with our children. The "Build-Your-Own Bedtime Book" not only helps establish a calming routine but also becomes a cherished keepsake of your child's early years. Over time, you'll have a collection of bedtime memories that will bring smiles to your faces for years to come.

The Nighttime Transformation:

Since introducing the bedtime book into our routine, bedtime has become a breeze in our household. No more tantrums or battles – just a soothing and enjoyable journey to dreamland. The predictability of the routine gives our little ones a sense of security, making them more willing to embrace bedtime.

I hope you like it!

As the author of "Time for Bed, Knucklehead," I am incredibly proud to have created a book that has brought joy and calmness to families' bedtime routines. If you're a parent in search of a bedtime solution, I wholeheartedly recommend trying the "Time For Bed, Knucklehead: Build-Your-Own Bedtime Book." Embrace the joy of crafting a bedtime journey that suits your child's unique personality and interests. Trust me, you'll be amazed at the positive impact it will have on your family's nightly routine.

So, here's to sweet dreams and peaceful bedtimes! May my "Time For Bed, Knucklehead: Build-Your-Own Bedtime Book" be the key to unlocking a world of calm and restful nights for your little ones, just as it has been for mine. Happy bedtime storytelling!

With love,

Libby Reimers


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