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Cozy With Christi

a bachelorette weekend

How lucky are we to have a gal pal like Christi. She’s either been to or hosted nearly all our birthdays, bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, bachelorettes, girls dinners… the list goes on. She is selfless. She’s intelligent. She is one of a kind (and the best hugger!). When someone is lucky enough to have a friend like Christi, and it’s HER TURN to be spoiled, going big is a must.


We started our trip a little different than most…with a negative covid test photo competition! With friends and family back home we love and want to protect, we felt it was the responsible and right thing to do. And honestly, it was super fun coming up with a creative way to display our negatives.

After our submissions, the journey began to the North (well, South for one determined driver!). Out of the inversion and into a crisp and picturesque winter wonderland we went with bells on. Christi and her sis kindly welcomed us to their new build/lake house/modern cabin nestled in the Idaho mountains and we couldn't wait to get the party started. For an in-depth look at our weekend itinerary, view it here!

We engulfed the cabin in balloon garlands, ceiling tassels, winter florals, and a cozy backdrop complete with a custom neon sign that could be seen all the way down the road!

If you want to make your own neon sign, I've created an in depth tutorial on that! Click below:

Everyone filtered in from Thursday to Friday and we enjoyed a trip into McCall for lunch and beers on Friday afternoon at McCall Brewing. Back at the cabin, we set up a cozy surprise for everyone that included the worlds softest pajamas, cross fur slippers, personalized mugs + coozies, and a collection of other bachelorette party accoutrements.

It was difficult to pry us away from the temptation of cozy pajamas and cocktails in our slippers BUT we had some snow tubing to do! So off to the Activity Barn we went.

You forget how much fun tubing is if you haven't been in a hot minute, you feel like a kid again! It was suuuuch a trip blasting down the mountain and watching the sun dip below the ridgeline.

Back at the cabin, we continued the celebration with dinner, drinks, hot tubing, and the hilarious 'Incoherent" game... how can some of us be so good at that and others (me) be so awful! Which reminds me, we also did some tik tok dancing, guess who is awful at that too, yep. ME. Luckily, we had plenty of opportunity to use the shotski to erase my terrible dancing memories from everyones mind.

Saturday morning welcomed us with hot coffees, a smoothie bar, and some wonderful lounging. We nixed the trip into town because well, we didn't want to get out of these soft jammies!!!! Next, it was time for our candle making workshop. (I've created a guide for anyone looking to host a private pouring party BTW...get yours here!)

Now we all have deliciously scented candles that will bring us back to our weekend in the woods.

The rest of the weekend was filled with presents, games, movies, some seriously special friend time, brunch at Tamarack Resort and adventures in the wilderness.

As a special surprise, I asked the WONDERFULLY talented Ciara from Golden Hour Photography to come preserve some memories for us. She was incredible and these pics, ammiright???

I think our faces STILL hurt from smiling. Now, if only we could go back and relive every single one of these moments, we would be in heaven! Christi, congratulations you amazing and beautiful woman. We all cannot WAIT to witness you walk down the aisle towards Rob and see the look on his face when he lays eyes on you! TRUE LOVE!


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