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Kit's a THREE-Rex

a birthday party!

Heads up! Just a quick note: Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links. That means if you click on them and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you). It's a sweet way to support my blog and keep the cuteness flowing. Thank you for your love and support!

Christopher turned THREE in 2022 (yes, I'm nearly a year late on this post, opps) and had a ROARing partay. This same year, Keanu Reeves was voted "the world's nicest person" and I'm fairly certain that title will be bestowed upon Kit at some point in his life. This little guy has the sweetest soul and OBVIOUSLY the kindest, coolest parents.

Big things are coming for this Three-Rex and I'm so lucky I get to be a part of his journey.

This party was so fun to plan ... mostly because the Hostess, Niki, is such a dream to work with but also because it posed a new and unique challenge; TRAVEL! How to get all my party supplies in bags, in a car, on a plane, in another car, and setup without issue. I had two 40lb. base plates, 5 foot cross bars and uprights, 400 balloons, pvc arches with covers, pages and pages of custom stationery (including a 3 foot poster) and more jungle plants than I could count. SOMEHOW I managed to get it all into one suitcase and a ski bag, score!

With my trusty assistant, Cyd, we navigated the travel there with zero issues! The way back was another story entirely hahaha ... stay tuned for that one!

As you can see, the kiddos got the enjoyment of un-ballooning (technical term) the giant KIT ... they had a great time at every stage of the party. Niki had so many stations planned out (she even got cute little safari hats for the kids and stickers for them to add their names, so fun!) for continued entertainment and the event ran so smoothly!

The trip home didn't go quite as smooth.... after a turn around to get my forgotten laptop, getting pulled over by a state trooper (no ticket, wooo!) and then missing the check-in time for our bags (which included ALL my party supplies), we had to rent a new car and drive the 7/8 hours home. Luckily, Cyd and I have made that haul countless times in college so we were able to re-live our glory days, hit our old college town, have a long lunch and reconnect. A fail that turned into a WIN!

This party will be hard to top, it was one for the books! Happy Birthday, Kit and so much love to the Riga fam! When Christopher is ready to start aging again, we can get to planning the next one :)


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